Tests on Surfaces

The surfaces of a product and the boundary areas at joints require special attention in development and production. Our range of services includes, among others, the analysis of:

  • surface topographies (roughness measurement, number of pores, etc.)
  • surface contamination (analyses of residues, particles, etc.)
  • resistance of surfaces
  • adhesive, soldered and welded connections

Surface roughness testing

We determine comparable roughness values of technical surfaces according to DIN EN ISO 4287 and DIN EN ISO 13565-1-2 in the method com. DIN EN ISO 4288.

With the electronic method parameters Rmax, Ra, Rz, Rsk, Rmr, Rk, Rp, Rku, R3z, etc. on flat and curved surfaces, as well as pipes and wires are determined. A recording of a 3D-recording of surface fine structure is also possible