RIO GmbH is a reliable partner for companies in different industries for over 20 years. We offer engineering support for all development and production steps, starting with the material-technical design of the products, the solution of tasks of quality assurance in manufacturing or in case of complaints, to the testing of finished products. Our expertise includes in all industrial materials and surfaces, as well as the interfaces between the different materials of complex products.

An interdisciplinary team of experienced engineers, chemists, and materials technicians allows us, complex tasks, as they arise through the combination of different materials, to edit quickly and comprehensively. For the solution of tasks, a variety of different material testing techniques available are in our accredited laboratory.

You can use the results of our work to reduce, for example, the rejection rate in the production of complex products, to complain about faulty material deliveries or complaints from your customer basis to evaluate and to answer. We prepare reports in case of damage and advice if you are looking for alternative materials, coatings and processing techniques.

In addition to the material-technical support we also offer a calibration service for monitoring your test equipment.

The permanent training represents an important building block to secure the market position of a company. Our seminars on the topic "Quality management" provide the expertise that is necessary in order to meet the quality challenges in the current production.



With our accredited laboratory we can support you in all matters concerning the assurance of the quality of your products. Our areas of speciality are:

Our team
with a total of around 40 would be glad to work together with you to ensure that it is possible for you to attain your production and development goals with certainty.