Tests on electrical components

Boundary areas and surfaces play an important role for the function of electrical components, such as, for example, the surface of a plug or the soldered connection of a component.

Our services comprise, among others:

  • Characterization of boundary and surface areas in and on electrical components and modules
  • Characterization of materials and coating substances
  • Analysis of the inner structure of components

DIN EN 60068-2-20
Environmental testing - Part 2-20: Test T: Test methods for solderability and resistance to soldering heat of devices with leads

Tests on Plugs and connectors

The seemingly so trivial function of plugs and connectors requires top technical performance in the design and manufacture of these components. 

Our service includes:

  • Determination of the pinouts of silvered plug and connector surfaces with passivation substances, for example, in accordance with Kostal LK 2070

  • Quantitative determination of 1-octadecanthiol (ODT), 1-hexadecantiol or other passivation products such as, for example, Evabrite,
    by means of gravimetry and/or gas chromatography (GC/MS-SIM)

  • Characterization of passivation layers by means of cyclovoltammetry (CV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)

  • Carrying out fretting corrosion tests on passivated and non-passivated plug and connector components

  • Determination of the coating structure, coating thicknesses and characterization of intermetallic connections in the metallic coating systems of plugs and connectors

  • Evaluation of the influence of shaping processes in the production of plugs and connectors, for example, determination of the microhardness of shaped plugs and connectors