Gravimetric analysis

Gravimetric determination of characteristic properties of a material is possible by following test variants of RIO GmbH:


  • Determination of water take-up in accordance with DIN EN ISO 62
  • Determination of pigment content in accordance with DIN EN ISO-2
  • Gravimetric method for the determination of solid contaminants in accordance with ISO 4405
  • Loss on drying
  • Loss on ignition and ignition residue (oxidized ash)
  • Sulphated ash
  • Water-soluble and water-insoluble portions
  • Acid-soluble and acid -insoluble portions
  • Silicon dioxide after fuming
  • Determination of area-related masses in accordance with, among others, DIN EN ISO 1460, DIN EN ISO 2106 or DIN EN ISO 3892