Tensile / pressuere testing

These tests are carried out to determine the mechanical prperties of a material. In our in-house workshop the following test bodies can be tested in conformity with the relevant standards (e.g. DIN50125, DIN EN 1561/1562) or also induividually in accordance with the instructions of the costomer:

  • flat bar tension specimen
  • round bar tension specimen
  • swallow tail specimens
  • special and miniature specimens

At RIO GmbH the tests are carried out in conformity with standards DIN EN ISO 6892-1/-2 for the (hot) tensile test and in conformity with DIN 50106 for the pressure test. Such tests are carried out, for example, as part of the verification for wheel rim materials in accordance with ECE R124 Annex 4.

Further procedural instructions are taken into consideration at the wish of the customer. The following test variations, among others, are offered by RIO GmbH:

  • Tensile tests with electronic fine strain measurement at RT
  • Tensile tests on special and miniature specimens
  • Tensile tests to determine the modulus of elasticity
  • Tensile tests to determine the anisotropy (r value) and the strain hardening exponent (n value)
  • Tensile tests at higher temperatures (up to 1000°C)
  • Tensile tests at lower temperatures (down to -196°C)
  • Tensile tests on the whole tube at RT
  • Tensile tests on plastics in accordance with DIN EN ISO 527-1
  • Transverse tensile tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4136
  • Pressure tests

Many further mechanical properties can be determined from tensile and pressure tests at RIO GmbH. The tests are carried out in compliance with all current standards, we would also be glad to carry them out to your
individual enquiry.