ICP-OES - Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectr.

ICP-OES belongs to the spectroscopic measuring procedures; more precisely, it is a method for atomic spectroscopy. A liquid sample is brought into a plasma state by means of an inductively coupled plasma. Through the excitation of the latter the chemical elements that are contained in it emit electromagnetic radiation (in this case, light). The emitted light is detected by 12 CCD detectors and three additional detectors for the elements sodium, lithium and potassium and the intensities are evaluated.

It is possible for us to analyse metallic, non-metallic and also aqueous samples through ICP analysis. Solids must be brought into a liquid state to allow them to be fed into the plasma.

The high sensitivity of this method makes it possible to detect trace elements in water samples, for example. But also the composition of a wire or a powder that cannot be analysed by means of SD-OES or GD-OES is possible.

We test, among things, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11885. In addition, we carry out testing on various components for RoHS conformity.